How much does a tiny house cost?

Our fully functional, high-quality homes start at $114,000 and your imagination can take it from there.

How long does it take to get a tiny home built by Providence Tiny Homes?

Our standard build time is 9-12 weeks.

Can Providence Tiny Homes customize my tiny house?

The short answer is: Yes. We offer a menu of options for model homes.

Where can my tiny home go?

Most Tiny Homes are able to go where RV's are accepted. Land options are based on state, and local regulations. We will be by your side through this process.

Can I get financing for my tiny house?

Yes. We have multiple financing options.

What makes a Providence Tiny Homes different from other tiny homes?

We offer a high-quality product using materials that go above and beyond minimum standards. Our homes may be tiny, but our quality is superior.

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