If you work from home, you understand the value of having a remote space, free of distractions, to get work done during the day. Many remote workers are turning to tiny houses to remedy their needs for a work-from-home office space.

The tiny home movement has seen an influx of remote workers looking to build a tiny home office space or a backyard office. With more Americans working from home than ever, a tiny house is an appealing alternative for creating a space for work, rather than using a living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

One survey discovered that 54 percent say they would buy a tiny house to use as a workspace. Moreover, 68 percent of respondents indicated that they would consider renting out their tiny house office – creating a possibility for a multifunctional income-generating asset.

Many remote workers say that having a designated space other than their kitchen or bedroom increases productivity by 80%! If you have been looking for an alternative for your work from home set-up, look no further! A tiny home office may be right for you!