There are many small structures out there, so what exactly qualifies a tiny home as a tiny home?
The Barebones

Most research will tell you that there is no definitive set of metrics, however, most tiny homes are residential structures of about 400 square feet or less (but some tiny homes do measure slightly larger). Due to their size and structure, these homes generally display clever ways of utilizing space. Additionally, tiny homes are (or mostly) self-sufficient and function as full-time residences. While some of these homes are mobile, not all are and are not required to be!

They Can Vary in Structure…

Tiny houses can vary in a broad range of types and styles. Many tiny homes are custom designed by their owners with unique features; meaning each tiny home can be unlike any other tiny home in the world. While some tiny homes are built on foundations, it is also common for tiny homes to be built for adventure-seeking travelers. These “Off-grid” tiny homes are often built onto trailer platforms. These platforms provide wheels that make it easier to pick up and move for traveling purposes. 

Is a Tiny Home Right for Me? 

Owning a tiny home may be perfect for one person, but unimaginable for another. While answers vary from person to person, the tiny home lifestyle is unlike the traditional residential ways of life. Potential tiny homeowners should always weigh the pros and cons before committing to building their dream tiny house. Check out our article about the five advantages of going tiny! “Five Reasons People Go Tiny”  

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