Thinking about joining the tiny home movement? Here are FIVE reasons why people are choosing to go TINY!

Lower Cost of Living 

As the costs of traditional homes continue to rise, people are turning to smaller, more affordable housing alternatives. Over the last decade, tiny homes have been a popular choice among many aspiring homeowners. More than a sustainable, and affordable housing alternative, tiny homes are a social movement.

Travel and Adventure

The tiny house phenomenon is uniquely attractive to those who do not wish to live a “traditional” lifestyle. Many tiny home dwellers are attracted to the idea of having the freedom to travel. Because tiny homes do not have to stay in one place, adventurers can travel freely, cross-country, for as long as they please, anywhere they can park!


When you choose to build a tiny home, you are also choosing to be more environmentally conscious – it’s a win, win! In comparison to traditional homes, tiny homes require fewer materials for construction and need less energy to power. One study found that tiny home living can reduce a single person’s carbon footprint by 70 percent!

Simplification / De-Clutter  

These days, minimalism is the new wave. Did you know that the average household contains over 300,000 belongings? For many tiny homeowners, decluttering their space was a top priority when choosing to downsize. However, minimalism is not only about downsizing and clearing out clutter; minimalism is learning to live comfortably with less – a central ideal for aspiring tiny homeowners!


Find forever connections with fellow tiny home dwellers! While tiny homeowners come from all walks of life, the tiny house phenomenon is particularly appealing to those who desire a less “traditional” lifestyle. The tiny homes lifestyle is redefining what makes a house a “home” and creating its own set of traditional norms.
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